Coffee Makes You Smarter, Thinner, and Happier

One cup of coffee contains significant amounts of B2, B5, Manganese, Potassium, and Niacin. But coffee has other important health benefits, too.

1. It Can Make You Smarter and Reduce the Risk of Dementia and Parkinson's

The caffeine in coffee blocks Adenosine, allowing other neurotransmitters like norepinephrine and dopamine to increase, which improves various aspects of brain function including memory, reaction times, general cognitive function, and mood. Several studies show that coffee drinkers have a much lower risk of developing Parkinson's disease, with that risk being anywhere from 30-60% less. Caffeine seems to be the cause; decaf drinkers do not show a lower risk of Parkinson's.

2. Coffee Helps You Burn Fat and Avoid Type II Diabetes

Caffeine is found in most diet supplements for a reason: it is one of the few natural substances that is proven to help fat burning by boosting your metabolic rate anywhere from 3-11%. Caffeine breaks down body fat and releases it into the blood stream as free fatty acids, which are available as fuel. This can help you improve your workout. Just drink a strong cup of coffee about half and hour before you begin your gym regime or cardio program. People who drink a lot of coffee also have a much lower incidence of Type 2 diabetes. Every cup seems to reduce the risk of Type 2 diabetes by 7%. Among those who have Type 2 diabetes, drinking coffee reduced the risk of death by 30% in a 20-year study.

3. Coffee Helps Make You Happier

Studies have shown than people who drink coffee have a lower risk of depression. A Harvard study found women who drink 4 cups or more per day have a 20% lower risk of becoming depressed. Another study of more than 200,000 people found heavy coffee drinkers are much less likely to commit suicide. The reasons why coffee helps mood are not clear but the link between lower depression risk and coffee are documented.

4. Coffee Protects You Against Liver Disease and Cancer

Coffee has been show to help protect against liver cancer and colorectal cancer. Coffee drinkers have up to a 40% lower risk of caner and heavy coffee drinkers have a 15% lower risk of colorectal cancer. Coffee also protects your liver against cirrhosis, but only if you drink 4 or more cups a day.


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